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  • How do I purchase a ticket?
    Click the button below to secure your spot at our next event. Be quick though – our events usually sell out faster than popcorn at a premiere. To stay ahead of the crowd, sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage or follow us on socials @forknfilm. We'll keep you posted on all new releases.
  • Can I hop onto a waitlist?
    While we don't have a waitlist, you can get the inside scoop on our future events by signing up for email updates at the bottom of our homepage or by hitting follow on our socials @forknfilm.
  • When are you dropping more dates?
    Keep an eye on our socials or sign up to our email list for the latest dates. Quick heads up – our events usually sell out within minutes of going live.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Unfortunately, we don't offer refunds unless an event is cancelled or postponed.
  • Can I make a reservation?
    Sorry, we don't take reservations. Stay in touch through our email list or socials @forknfilm to keep track of upcoming events.
  • Can I score tickets from a reseller?
    Nope. We're all about keeping things authentic and dodging scalpers. Beware of anyone trying to flip a ticket.
  • Can I transfer my Fork n' Film ticket to someone else?
    Currently, we do not allow ticket transfers. We have this policy in place to ensure a fair purchasing process for all our guests and to prevent potential scalping or reselling of our tickets. Additionally, maintaining a curated guest list helps us provide the personalized, high-quality service that Fork n' Film is known for. We understand that plans can sometimes change unexpectedly and we appreciate your understanding of our policy.
  • I've purchased a ticket but now I'd like to change the date or switch to a different movie. Can I do that?
    We completely understand that plans can change. However, due to the nature of our unique cinematic and culinary experiences, and to ensure we can maintain the high-quality, immersive events you expect from Fork n' Film, we're unable to alter ticket dates or switch tickets to different movies once they're purchased. We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to serving you an unforgettable fusion of food and film.
  • How much are your tickets?
    Ticket prices can vary depending on the event specifics, but we promise it's worth every penny.
  • Can you ping me when someone cancels so I can nab a ticket?
    Unfortunately, we can't notify about individual cancellations since our tickets are non-refundable. But make sure to sign up for our emails or follow our socials @forknfilm to stay in the loop about new releases.
  • How does the whole Fork n Film thing go down?
    Picture this: a pre-fixed menu, carefully selected drinks, all inspired by iconic scenes from your favorite films. Sounds amazing, right?
  • Where are you located?
    While we have location in Los Angeles and New York City, we're still a pop-up, so our venue changes with each event. Once you've got a ticket, we'll shoot you the exact location a few days before the event.
  • Can kids join in on the fun at Fork n' Film events?
    Yes, indeed! We love the young movie buffs. Kids aged 3 and under are welcome to join for free, though we don't serve them a meal as our menu is pre-fixed. Currently, we don't have specific kid options, but stay tuned - we've got some exciting plans in the works for our younger guests in the near future. We strive to maintain an atmosphere where everyone can fully enjoy the extraordinary fusion of cinema and cuisine that defines our events. So, we kindly ask that you if you feel your little one may find the event a touch too long or could potentially disturb other guests' enjoyment, you might consider setting up alternative plans for them for the evening. Remember, our aim is to make Fork n' Film an inclusive, family-friendly event where movie buffs and foodies of all ages can savor the experience. We wholeheartedly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the magical ambiance that defines us!
  • What time should I show up?
    Doors open at one hour before the event time listed on the ticket. Grab some free popcorn and refreshments while you settle in.
  • What's the dress code?
    During the summer months, our events are generally on rooftops, so bring something warm or even a cozy blanket. Feel free to dress up in your favorite costume and get into the movie mood. Immersion is key!
  • What should I bring?
    Don't forget your ticket, a photo ID matching the ticket holder's name, and of course, a voracious appetite for awesome food and great movies!
  • What's on the menu?
    We love surprises! So we keep our menus under wraps. Expect to be delighted and wowed!
  • Got any veggie-friendly or gluten-free options up your sleeve?
    We haven a vegan option that you can purchase at checkout. We'll also have gluten-free dishes noted on our menu. Since our menus are fixed, we aren’t currently customizing individual meals. Stay tuned!
  • Can you accommodate food allergies?
    Currently, we can't tailor our pre-fixed menus to specific allergies, but we do label potential allergens on our menu.
  • Can I just drop by for the food?
    As much as we'd love to have you, we only serve up our cinematic feasts during ticketed events
  • Are you down for collabs with influencers?
    Totally! We're all about stirring up some magic. Drop us a line at if you're keen to collaborate. Although we might be limited on slots, we always love to hear from potential partners.
  • Do you host private gigs?
    Absolutely! Send us the deets about your event and event size at and let's chat.
  • Got any other locations?
    Yes! As of now, we're only in LA and NYC. But we've got big dreams and more cities on our horizon in the next few months.
  • Do you do franchises?
    Not right now, but we're always open to new ideas. Hit us up at if you're interested in bringing the Fork n Film vibe to your city.
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