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About Us

Welcome to Fork n Film, where the cinematic universe meets the culinary world in a delightful sensory fusion. Our innovative concept redefines the boundaries of dining and movie-watching experiences by allowing our guests not just to watch, but also to taste the movies.

Our unique concept fuses two of life's greatest pleasures, food and film, into an immersive journey. We curate a multi-course meal inspired by your favorite movies. Each dish is meticulously crafted and served at the exact moment it appears on the screen, offering an unprecedented level of engagement with the movie.

This extraordinary approach elevates the cinematic experience, adding an immersive layer of sensory delight. It enables our guests to step into the world of the film, engaging their senses beyond sight and sound. We collaborate with a diverse and inclusive team of chefs, venues, and partners to take film-loving foodies on a multi-sensory gastronomic adventure where the boundaries between spectator and participant are blurred. 

At Fork n' Film, we believe that films should be more than just watched, they should be lived. We are committed to creating experiences that go beyond the screen, where you can taste, smell, and savor the world of your favorite movies. Join us for one of our upcoming events, and let us take you on a cinematic and culinary journey you'll never forget.

Don't just watch the movie, taste it!

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